CD MASTERING | LINKS | CONTACT US | HOME  has relationships with most of Americas most successful Record labels A&Rs, Music Managers and Artist Management companies that accept unsolicited material. You will have the contacts that you need to get your music to the right people. This year we included even more music record labels, managers and music producers that accept unsolicited material and are looking for talent to sign and market. We also provide Radio Program Directors, Music Distributors and Music Supervisor Contacts.




What is a Music Contact?

Music Contacts are people that currently work in the music industry. All of the contacts included in our list are extremely notable and have worked with Major and Indie Artists. Our A&R list includes credits so that you know who the particular contact has worked with. Our list also lets you know what genre of music the contact works in so that you don't waste your time sending your demo to an Urban A&R when you sing or produce Country music.




What Can I do With These Music Contacts?

If you are an artist or musician looking to further your music career you will need these music contacts to promote yourself to A&R Reps, Managers, Top Producers, Music Distributors, Radio Stations and Music Supervisors.





Stands for Artists and Repertoire. A&R is the department of a record label that is responsible for scouting talent and developing artists that they sign to the label. A&Rs also acts as a liaison between artists and the record label.

Music Management

A music manager or management company takes care of many of your career issues. A music manager is hired by an artist, musician or band to help with career related decisions including business deals, bookings, career choices, recording contracts, marketing and promotion. Your music managers role is to help guide your career in the right direction. Most highly successful artists and musicians hire a music management company like The Firm to manager their music career because larger management companies have proven that they can make artists more successful. It is extremely important to have a well managed music career because there is a lot of business involved.

Music Producers

Music Producers play many roles in the music industry. A music producer is in charge of the recording sessions to make sure that artists are getting the best recordings possible. It is their job to guide the musicians through the music production process. Most music producers also mix and some of them master music as well. In the past 20 years music producers have taken on more of an entrepreneurial role as well. These days they are much like a film directors and get points/royalties for successful music record labels that they produce. Successful music producers often get executive producer credits if they have their own production company under the label they are working for.



"To whom it may concern:

Thanks for a great product. It is companies such as yourselves that help
make things happen for bands that have true talent and somewhere to go.
When we get signed, look for your name in the credits. Thanks again for the a&r contacts."

Shawn M. Kraatz

Skraatz Management


"I would just list him under producers with my info. Add to his credits
Stabbing Westward and The Dreaming. Please add my company to the management directory."

Rich Renken
Rev4 Management


"I like what you guys are doing for independent artists; we have been using your directory for years to contact other music record labels and publishers. I appreciate the marketing that you did on our website. We have increased our online record sales by 40%. I recommend All Music Industry Contacts to anyone trying to advance their music career."

Bill Armstrong
Side One Dummy Records


"I want to thank you for all the helpful information that your website provides, I purchased All Music Industry Contacts and have been using it to send my CD and press kit to music record labels and music managers. My goal is to get signed by the end of this year. Keep up the good work!"

End Of The World Records BFive


"I highly recommend this directory to anyone who wants to break into the music industry. I have gained many new contacts by using it. We originally used All Music Contacts to contact music producers that we wanted to work with. Thanks for helping me get in contact with John Shanks."

Jesse Mccarthy






























music contacts

Music Contacts

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music contacts

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Submit your music to hundreds of Music Industry Professionals!
Our Music Contacts are always complete and up to date. We are constantly updating and expanding our music contacts list. These lists will allow you to send your demo to nearly everyone in the music business. It is important to get CD Mastering to make your music sound radio ready and put together a professional promo kit.

The main reason to assemble a promo kit is to give the impression that you
are able to handle the types of gigs that you say you can. There are several
different types of promotional needs which will vary from artist to arist,
or different genres of music. In many instances you may only need
to supply a demo tape 3- 5 solid records, while in others a live audition will be required. In
those instances, a full promo kit will probably not be necessary.
It will also help to supply a video so that your intended music contact can see you in action.

Since most A&Rs and Music Managers do not have the time to go to see all the
various artists performing in their area. The video will allow them to
review your work and keep it on hand as a reference whenever they need
it. Some clients want to see as many bands as they can, but don’t have the
time to go out to see them. Naturally, they want to hire the best available
at the time, and the video gives them the chance to see many groups in a
much shorter period of time.

All Music Industry Contacts is for anyone who is seriously pursuing a career in music!

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It doesn’t matter what style of music you are in because our list contains contacts in every genre. Urban, Country, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Classical and more!

It is our goal to provide the contact information for everybody who is anybody in the music industry. We also focus on companies that accept unsolicited music and actually listen to the music that is sent to them. An A&R can hear a great song or talented artist and want to sign them immediately by listening to their demo tape alone. We sell All Music Industry Contacts to some of the biggest names in the business. Music professionals have to contact each other as well! Don’t let the price fool you! We have had people tell us that we should be selling our directory for over $100.00. It is our goal to keep our products affordable so that the average musician or music producer can afford it. All Music Industry Contacts is updated quarterly every 4 months, we guarantee it!

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Radio Station Program Directors

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  • Also contains Satellite and Internet Radio Contacts

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Music Distributors Directory

If you are already getting radio play, building a local fanbase or generating a local following you may want to consider getting a distribution deal. A distribution company can distribute your CDs regionally. It is important to have your music in stores as well as in online music stores. This directory includes hundreds of retail and internet distributers. We see more artists appearing on the music scene, producing their own albums, owning the rights to their songs and marketing their own music. These are the artists and producers that have an advantage when getting connected with one of the hundred musicdistribution companies in our directory. Contains hundreds of Distribution contacts!

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Music Supervisors Directory

Get your music to music supervisors and get your music in TV and film projects. There is a huge expanding opportunity for singer songwriters/ rappers, music producers and musicians to make money putting their own music into TV and Film projects. Getting connected with music supervisors and music directors are a great way to generate a lot of income from your music. List contains hundreds of legitimate music supervisors including their complete contact information.

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Music Agents

Music agents are also known as music booking agents or talent agents, Music agents are responsible for making the live music scene what it is. Your music agent can get you or your band booked to play live shows. It is a booking agents job to make sure you are playing in front of a live audience and get you or your band more exposure. Music Agents work with music promoters and record labels to effectively promote your music. It is your Music Agents responsibility to take care of your negotiations with venues and promoters. If you are looking to promote your music the good old fashion way, these contacts will definately come in handy.

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